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Hald Contracting has the capability to make every project (small scale and large) a success. In today's world adaptability is key. We have what it takes to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the game. We adapt a model that is proven to succeed. We strive to maintain a great understanding of old fashioned values and adapt them to today's world by utilizing new age technology, materials and service. This approach will make your project succeed beyond your expectations. We offer our services to all, On time and under budget every time.

What is a Groundscrew?  A Groundscrew is new age approach to foundations and post anchoring systems. Fast, Environmentally friendly and economical; Groundscrews are an excellent alternative to concrete. Fully engineered and certified installation systems will make all projects come together with ease. Hald Contracting strives to find new building processes and materials to ensure that our clients projects are current to today's standards.

We specialize in:

  • Groundscrew Foundation Installation services. We have worldwide connections and capability for Solar farm foundation installations.  (Utility and Small Scale, Rock & Hard Ground Condition Specialists)

  • Basement Entrance Installation services (add effective value to properties)

  • Waterproofing & Sealing Concrete & Asphalt

  • Backyard Waterfall & Rock boulder wall Construction

  • Landscaping & Overall Estate Enhancement with planning services